Creating Wealth Online With the Laws of Wealth Creation


There are a number of Laws of wealth creation and you need to know them and apply if you are keen to create wealth for your-self with online marketing. You cannot hope to “make money”, “get rich”, or better “create wealth”, if you do not know everything there is to know about how to do it – the rules of engagement. You are starting a business that if approached correctly can make you a multi-millionaire.

But you are simply naive if you set out to believe the empty promises of online marketers and hope that they are going to guide you to wealth with little effort on your part.

If that is your approach, from my experience, you are going to be fleeced and thrown to the wolves. On-line marketing, apart from a few mastermind gems, is an arena of very sharp marketers and you will end up like 99% of naive would-be on-line marketers; you will lose money and fail.

Warren Buffett never invests any money unless he knows all about what he is investing in and who he is investing in. And you are going into a business that correctly handled can set you up for life if you do it right. So follow the advice of Warren Buffet, do your homework. Search out and study the Laws of Wealth Creation and you will set yourself up for the road to wealth.

As an example the second important law of wealth creation is: “The Law of Open Space”. This is the key to wealth creation because it explains the central issue of wealth creation – not being under pressure of any sort. And related to this are self-management and the ability to take control.


When you examine the wealthy the thing that stands out is the fact that they are relaxed. Generally they live on a large property with plenty of physical space around them and this is also symbolic of both their lifestyle and their self-management style.

When you are not under pressure to keep making money, because you are not a slave to money but rather your money is a slave to you so to speak, you have a sense of breathing space. You have taken control of your life and your finances and you have created freedom for yourself. You have created the space you need to be able to breathe freely and enjoy life to the full.

When you are under time pressure, like the rich and famous, and always chasing money, you feel out of breath and you feel that the world is crowding in on you. You cannot breathe and you need space, but it isn’t there.


Financial space is an important part of being wealthy. Financial space is created by spending less than you earn from passive income. If you earn $10,000 per month, but only spend $6,000 and invest the balance in secure and profitable investments you will soon have substantial reserves.

When the income from these investments which we call “passive income” (because you are not working actively to bring in the income as you would do in a job) is greater than your expenses then we say that you have achieved wealth. When your reserves can provide an ongoing passive income for you for the rest of your life, without downgrading your life style then you have achieved true wealth.


Another aspect which needs to be faced is the factor of the percentage of your money that works for you and the percentage that works for others. While not every cent of your income can be formally invested, an important aspect of wealth creation has to do with the percentage of dead money you allow to pass through your hands. Buying food for example is an expense and is generally dead money. It makes the supermarket owner wealthy but does not bring anything back for you in financial terms. When you are also able to get this dead money to work for you, you are really able to create financial space for yourself as almost every expense now generates an additional income.


The poor live in crowded homes in crowded ghettos and they have no space of their own. This causes them to feel overwhelmed and anxious and the pressure causes them to kick the dog and occasionally also the wife and children. They are not conscious of this however. The middle class have more physical space, but they allow themselves to be pressurised by lack of time, lack of reserves and lack of passive income. They spend what they earn. Most of their income is active income and they have no reserves to fall back on and so they have to keep on working everyday.

This pressure also gets to them and they feel that the world is pressing in on them on all sides. In fact they are imprisoned by their life-style and cannot escape the prison walls created by their own lack of control. The rich are temporarily financially independent but only the truly wealthy experience sustainable financial freedom, which is entirely different.


Only the truly wealthy have a sense of wide open spaces. Only the truly wealthy have both passive and recurring income where a significant percentage of their money works for them and they are not burdened by having to get up every day to personally make more money. Being surrounded by physical space and having financial space as well as spiritual space makes all the difference in the world.

This is true financial freedom and is the difference between operating on the competitive plane as the rich do, and the creative plane where the wealthy operate.

When you have created financial freedom for yourself you feel exhilarated and free, and you are, because you have created freedom for your-self out of nothing, except your self-control, your imagination and your co-operative spirit.

But simply knowing all this will not deliver the result. To create space for yourself you have to work at it and set out a plan. You have to embody this information into a new way of life and begin to live it every day.


Another aspect of the Law of Open Space has to do with order and harmony. Wealth operates in harmony with the laws of the universe which are based on perfect order and harmony. The wealthy person innately understands these principles and their life and their work space is ordered and harmonious. A cluttered work space generally reflects a troubled and cluttered mind and a good place to start in ordering one’s environment is to ask the question: “Who do I need to Be to live in a space of order and harmony”?


But it is important to understand from the start that creating wealth is not so much about what you Do but about who you need to Be. There is also a Science of Generating Wealth and it sets out some important markers with respect to who you need to Be to create wealth. Follow these key principles along with the Laws of Wealth Creation, or as I prefer to call them The Laws of Wealth Generation, and you cannot fail to create wealth for yourself and empower and uplift the lives of all those you come into contact with.

Creating Wealth Online


The fact is creating wealth online is possible. There are many resources, applications and insights to creating wealth online. Honestly, creating wealth online is fairly simple if you just know what you’re doing. In today’s world of Technology and the Internet creating wealth online has never been more at your finger tips, given you have a good plan and the right system in place for achieving this goal.


Wealth is stuff we want: the big house, the nice cars, the expensive cloths or to travel to interesting places and so on. Wealth can assist you on your journey but it should never be the only or main reason as to why you do what you do. |Creating Wealth and having all that you want starts in your mind as a dream & becomes a plan of action the moment you right it down and make a commitment.

Think about this, wealthy people don’t spend every moment of the day spending money. They however spend time doing their research and find ways to earn more. Regardless of your current situation, wealth is available to everyone, regardless of education, background, age, race, or any other excuse you may have heard in the past. No having wealth is not a matter of not having resources, it’s a matter of not having resourcefulness. Wealth plays no favorites, it only responds to a specific set of actions. Wealth starts within and is evidenced outside. Becoming wealthy is only a benefit of the game. Wealth and Patience, by the way, are inseparable.

Wealth Discovery

Wealth creation is about choices you make. Wealth Discovery is an abundance of valuable resources, which are uniquely owned by each of us, are true wealth in our own rights. Wealth is the steam driving the locomotive of human ambitions. Wealth decreases if you spend it, but the more you spend knowledge the more it increases.

Online Income

There are many books, programs and specific steps to success online today, many of which are effective at teaching you the individual easy steps to take to create a website, send it traffic, and convert that traffic to a profitable stream of income.

Do you earn a good income but still find it hard to get ahead? We can receive greater levels of income, than we ever dreamed in today’s world by learning how to harness the power of the internet and it’s vast tools. No matter what your income level, the key to creating wealth is to create, build and achieve. Creating an absolute abundance of income in your life is not some specially guarded secret formula that only a select few are clued in on.


Forget people selling MLM schemes and get rich books for a hundred dollars. This is not how you who will get wealthy. No one ever got rich fast by reading a get rich quick book and presto, “overnight wealth”! Learn the science of getting rich, study it, practice it and then start to attract the riches that you so strongly desire. By applying the law of attraction and other universal laws, you will get rich. I recommend you start to think rich. Start today, create your new visions and images of great fortunes and abundance in life. Learn a system of creating wealth: wealth generation is a predictable thing; learn the science to getting rich and by law you will receive it.


Successfully creating wealth is all about determining the best investment strategy to suit your needs. Whether that is in the stock market, in an online business opportunity or any other strategy you fall upon. If failure is not an option and you are a strong, single-minded person that will only settle for achieving growth and success, then eventually you will get what you want or maybe even better, but you have to be willing to learn, fail a time or two and pick yourself back up! No one who ever achieve a high level of success ever did so without taking risk after risk and failing before they succeeded. The point is, if you want success, you can’t quit until you get it.


All of our successes were created by us and us alone, not by luck or chance. The fact is creating wealth online is possible if you simple put your mind to it. Creating wealth online is not always easy or fast, and probably any truthful internet marketer would tell you that, but you can do it and do it well if you have a good system in place and good mentors to make your journey much easier.

Tips on How to Create Wealth

Many of us daydream about how to become a millionaire and wonder what it would be like to become wealthy but it is not possible to realise our dream and become wealthy by just thinking about it. If we really want to change our financial situation there are a few steps we need to take to realise our dream and to attract wealth.

We need to remember that most wealthy people did not build up wealth by buying a lottery ticket or by being left a fortune by relatives. They created it by having the right mindset and by finding the right business opportunity.

We too can create wealth for ourselves if we accept that we have to make some changes in our lives in order to succeed. This can be achieved in the following ways:

Educate yourself to succeed

Education is critical in all markets of life but from a young age we are only taught how to go to school, get a job and obtain a degree. What we are not taught is how to start up your own business to create our own wealth. There are no wealth building classes.

It is important to remember that only a small part of the population are wealthy and of those most do not work for someone else. They have created their own wealth often by starting up their own business. Most wealthy people are entrepreneurs like Donald Trump.

There are several ways that you can educate yourself to create financial wealth. There are wealth seminars that teach you ways to become wealthy and how to invest that wealth to reap the best rewards. There are also wealth building business systems available which provide invaluable training on how to create wealth. Many will also provide a mentor who will offer one to one coaching to help you succeed in business. Whichever approach you take it is crucial to invest time into educating yourself as that time invested will improve your chances of success and help you to achieve your goals.

Adopt a million dollar mindset

In order to strive to become a millionaire it is crucial to change your mind set to that of a millionaire. The first step required to achieve this is to align yourself with successful people who will pass on invaluable advice on to you on how to succeed. This is crucial to enable you to start creating wealth. Most wealthy people haven’t become successful without finding a mentor to teach them how. The formula to change your lifestyle goes beyond wishing and wanting to become wealthy. There is a need to change your thought process and mindset to achieve your goals.

To further acquire the millionaire mindset it is important to follow the examples that they set. One important factor of a millionaire is that an average millionaire does not look like a millionaire. True millionaires live below their means. They do not display high social status. Many live in average neighbourhoods and drive average cars. Indeed the millionaire’s motto is that “you aren’t what you drive.”

Most people work hard, make money and spend well whereas millionaires spend their money on investing in themselves via business training, software, tax and legal advice. As in a football game millionaires enjoy the excitement of the offense which is the making of their money but realise that it’s great defence, which in their case is saving and investing, that leads to success. Their philosophy is to sacrifice high consumption today for financial freedom tomorrow.

They also become wealthy in their own right. They do not rely on financial help from their family. Indeed 80% of millionaires are first generation millionaires who have made money in their own right. Many were immigrants who worked hard to learn and to generate wealth proving that anyone can succeed to change their lives. Most millionaires also don’t believe in passing their wealth automatically to their children believing that those who are given less are motivated to accumulate more on their own merits. They have the mindset that if you provide fish for your children they will eat for a day whereas if you teach them to fish they will eat for a lifetime.

Find your niche- choose the right opportunity

In order to become successful it is important to choose the best opportunity available to you. The wealthy become successful by finding a niche for themselves. The majority of wealthy people are self employed entrepreneurs. It is a fact that entrepreneurs are four times more likely to become millionaires than those who work for others.

It has become much easier to become an entrepreneur and to start a successful business than it was years ago. Modern times have provided more platforms and avenues to create wealth. We now have a worldwide web which offers many opportunities to start up a genuine business using the internet. It is possible to take advantage of these global opportunities by researching internet businesses. These home based businesses offer the convenience of creating wealth from home.

Knowing how to succeed in business on line or off line is a matter of becoming a master marketer and learning how to prosper. Successful business owners know how to effectively market their product and service and many will offer to mentor others on their success.

It is important to remember that the wealthy have not become wealthy without stepping out of the ordinary. They have dared to step out of their safety zone to try something new. Change is essential to anyone wanting to succeed and a combination of skills and mental attitude along with the desire to succeed is what will create wealth for you.

Being a successful business entrepreneur I now work full time from home. The freedom this has created for me enables me to mastermind and share my company and the opportunities I have created with other people who seriously want to change their life. The services I provide are FREE and dedicated to those who have the passion to get up and make a difference.